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Import & Export

Oak Int'l, Inc. is a company that operates in the field of import, export and logistics since 1994. Located in Miami, Florida, in the United States, Oak Int’l, Inc. provides solutions for all your needs, from the purchase of merchandise to its delivery to the final destination.

Our Services

international trade

We procure manufacturers and suppliers including factory inspection if necessary

We make contacts and investigation of potential manufacturers and suppliers including factory inspection if necessary.

Negotiation and Purchasing

Financial Control of the Purchasing Process

Since the purchase and payment process is carried out between companies located in the same country, financial control is safer in the event of non-compliance with the contract by the manufacturer or distributor.

Issuance of Documentation Invoice, PL, BL or AWB

Conference and Inspection of Goods

Checking and Inspection of goods before shipment, avoiding discrepancies between what was physically shipped versus what was issued in the documentation, avoiding delays and consequently increasing import costs.

Logistic Study

Analysis and optimization of the cargo handling process from the manufacturing site to its final destination.

Sea and Air Shipping

We offer 20ft , 40ft and LCL.
Air cargo and Express (Courier)